Friday, May 19, 2006

We now have more cats . . .

All of my cats are neutered or spayed and guess what? I still am the proud owner of three kittens. Princess found them by the pile of trees waiting to be milled (Katrina damage). They followed her and are so human friendly that I know they are not a product of a feral cat. I made her leave them out there to see if a Mama cat would come for them. None did!

I know one of my "friends" dropped these here when we were away for the weekend and that makes me so angry. I don't want more cats - six is enough. My vet bills are already unbelievable because I feel the need to capture and neuter every feral cat that sets paw on my property. Now I have 3 more.

They are cute, though!


catnabbit said...

oh man, those are some adorable kittens!

wisteria said...

They are cute, but need a Mama. They are much trouble when they are this little. I can't stand to hear them calling when they want to nurse and be cleaned.

Having nine cats is going a bit far, but we are already attached. Who ever dropped them off knew what she was doing. I will just have to start buying the mega bag of food (when they start on the crunchy stuff).