Thursday, May 18, 2006

Looking forward to summer

Though temperatures will be 90+ tomorrow, I don't count summer as summer until my sisters start visiting for things like BLTs, blackberry picking, all day chow-chow, tomato sauce or pesto making, or jelly gelling. My sisters both live in the city, but they still crave a bit of the country summer action. I crave their visits. These visits are casual though directed and fun though productive. Tradition reigns. The children are able to play unfettered by school and usual obligations and the sisters get to chat, work, and eat.

On one of our more productive days we made and canned 10 gallons+ of slow cooking tomato sauce while still visiting, monitoring children, and keeping everyone fed. Sometimes we aren't as productive. The last time my sister was here she remembered finding four leaf clovers in my front yard when she was little. We had to go look. Sure enough, there were enough four leaf clovers for each of us in that one little patch. We just had to take the time to find a bit of luck.

Even though the motivation is to have some vegetables, fruit, or jelly in the larder or freezer to show for the day, the highlight of these days are the hours in which we reminisce about summers past and garner memories for our children.

I can barely wait!!!

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