Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Getting Back into a Rhythm

I was incredibly productive this past weekend. I didn't leave the property for more than an hour, but accomplished much, though none of it had anything to do with paid work. Today, the paid holiday ended and I don't feel like I can move under the "didn't dos" from before the weekend. So, I have accomplished little at home and little at work. I lost the focus or desire somewhere in the night.

My children seem to be at loose ends without their routines - school and ballet. My son still has scouts, but it doesn't seem routine since it is the only activity now. My son is banging around outside and the Princess is begging for a movie (I haven't given in, yet). I seem to have that same the same blase attitude.

Maybe, tomorrow.

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Myrtle said...


Our recital is Saturday. I will be so glad it all will be over. My oldest will be off to visit relatives for most of the summer.