Saturday, May 27, 2006

De-Schooling the Kitchen

Yesterday, I began de-schooling the kitchen. Unfortunately, the job is so huge that I will be doing the same thing today. I am amazed at the sheer volume of stuff - some of which I don't even remember using. Even though this is a drudge, it is also a good lesson. I don't need to buy so many things. Fewer items used more often would work just as well.

Today, I tackle underneath the cabinets and the drawers. Though I have one section that stays relatively well kept(the paper storage), the other two moving towards three cabinets have lost their plan. When I get everything taken out, I will try to come up with another method that will contain the art supplies, pens, pencils, rulers, markers, math manipulatives, etc. Princess can sort the markers and toss the ones that don't write and sharpen all pencils that are worth saving. Why do I have 10 rulers when I have only 2 children? Even with the 10 rulers, why could we never find even one when the math lesson called for a ruler without having to spend 20 minutes searching?

After the kitchen, I will move on to the book cases in the living room. After this long weekend, I will know which things I need to buy, which things I can give to others, and which things need to go into the garbage. I like to get this re-organization done early so I can spend the summer concentrating on getting the materials we need without the panicky last minute rush in which I have a tendency to over buy to compensate for my lack of planning.

I suppose I should quit talking about it and just get to work.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I have been doing the same thing, although my mess seems to have mutated and spread into all areas of the house. We have been going through book cases and baskets and what not, selling and/or donating as we go. Like you, I just have purchased too many things to ever have the time to use (unless I homeschool them into their 30s). It feels good to let it all go!

wisteria said...

My problem is that I want most of it. I have never met a book I did not like.