Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Carnival of Homeschooling

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at The Thinking Mother and it is huge! Unfortunately, over half of it is written by HSB bloggers and I still refuse to support that company. For the next few weeks, the carnival is hosted by Home School Bloggers. So, I won't be there. Maybe there will be another Country Day.


Almost Lazarus said...

May 9th is at the Cate's, blogger

May 16 will be at a HSB site

The person who owns the blog scheduled for May 23 maintains a mirror site off HSB, and she's been mildly supportive of the boycott - although says she will keep her mirror blog at hsb, I think its to educate stubborn HSB's who only read HSB blogs - I respect that. Spunky mirrors there too. I think Dana, the one hosting, can be convinced to host the carnival on her non HSB site.

I'm hoping that next week, those who announce the carnival can also call for submissions to the second alternative carnival (country fair) , to offset the one that WILL be hosted at HSB on the 16th. I'll even host it.

wisteria said...

Did the schedule change? I could have sworn I looked at the schedule last week.

You would be a great Country host! Keep me up to date. I am a disaster at details.

Almost Lazarus said...

Now it doesn't matter. I think a boycott of the Carnival is in order. If the spanking posts on today's version wasn't bad enough, neither the blog owner, or the Cates, will explain the hypocrisy of supporting the boycott in public, and their spanking buddies on the carnival.

The Country Fair opens next Monday, if I get some entries - I have three so far.