Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Light Reading

When I was on my mini break this past weekend, I read three books. They were all excellent light reading. Mama has a few bookcases of paperback books of assorted reading material - nature books for shells, sea and beach life, and star gazing, many classics, and many more light reading books. I never take any books when we vacation, because I like to be surprised and I know Mama wouldn't let me down since she frequents this cute little independent bookstore in Gulf Shores called Just Books.

The first book I pulled from the shelf was Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews, who also wrote Savannah Blues which I read last time I was at the beach. Little Bitty Lies is a Southern Ladies book in that much of the humor is derived from the cliches of Southern upper class life - the perfect chicken salad and Country Club, and protocol. The plot explodes with a cover-up lie so that "society" will not know Mary Bliss's husband has left her and her daughter penniless. Full of all things that make a page turning weekend read - intrigue, relationships, and secrets. I was unable to put this book down, so read through the night until 4 a.m.

The next book I read was Azur Like It by Wendy Holden. I didn't care for this book as much, but I am willing to suspend disbelief in almost any circumstance. A young reporter, Kate wishes to break free of a small town atmosphere and her family. She gets a chance in a not so believable way in which she ends up at the Cannes Film Festival. Many twists and turns, but most are predictable.

My last book was wonderful. Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan is a story of struggle of a middle aged woman to find herself after her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Though this book would appear tragic at first, there is nothing tragic in Rose Lloyd's handling of the upheaval in her life.

Believe it or not, after reading all these books, I still had time to boogie board, walk on the beach, build a sand castle, and cook for my family.

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