Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It is impossible to make a quick stop at a craft or hobby store the week after Thanksgiving. What was I thinking? Yesterday was ballet day so we do our errands in the city. One of the errands was to pick up some raffia and plaster of paris for an Egypt project. We were trapped in Hobby Lobby for an hour!!! Check out lines were completely swamped. Every aisle was crowded and every item I touched had someone waiting if I didn't choose it. Did I mention that I hate crowds? And feeling that tension of a buying frenzy? I thought about walking out and leaving our items in the store, but imagined the children would think I was weird. I persevered. I made the purchase.

As soon as I left the store, and I do mean immediately, I remembered that we needed some balsa wood. I didn't go back even though I was only a few yards from the front door.

I will have to go next week, but will have a whole week to bolster my resolve. Or, maybe all the Christmas decoration stuff will be gone and the crowds will be gone.


mull-berry said...

I think part of the problem with Hobby Lobby is that their cash registers are outdated. Ours are, anyway, and it takes longer that necessary even on a slow day.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am the same way at this time of year. I hate crowds, and lines. I will grocery shop at 7am just to beat the rush. If at all possible, I'd skip whatever I can for a few weeks, too!

griffin said...

Too true! This is one of the reason I try to plan (and limit) shopping trips; but even then I have found myself trapped in a crouded store. eeek

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