Monday, November 06, 2006


This is one group of my chickens that rummage through the paddock seeking tasty morsels every day. When Mr. Wisteria was on his sales trip I fed a big round bale of hay here to lure the mama cow that had a piece of stick in her eye. We haven't fed here again, and the cows have been moved across the road, but chickens are still working that bale making sure that there is not one piece of hay left on top of another and that there is not one seed remaining.

Chickens are great that way unless they are doing it in my garden or flower beds!


mull-berry said...

Beautiful ... what kind are they?

wisteria said...

The buff ones are Buff Catalanas and the Black and White are Barred Rock (aka dominikeers).

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

This is something a city girl would never know...I love when you share tidbits of farm life. I like their tenacity!

Jennifer said...

They are so pretty!

I didn't notice a rooster in the picture. Hmmm. Did you get lucky, or have you evicted the roosters?

:-) Perhaps I am projecting my unpleasant history with boy chickens.

wisteria said...

Look again! There are actually three roosters in the picture - two Buff Catalanas (rear to the right and far left and a Barred Rock to the front right. No eviction yet, but we do have a few too many.