Sunday, November 19, 2006

Do you realize how difficult it is

To find a payphone these days. Friday, I had to make an extra trip into the city. Bad enough in itself, but once I got almost half way there I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I didn't let anyone know where I was going, either. I am not a cell phone person. In fact, I probably didn't have my cell phone because of a subconscious desire to disconnect permanently. If I have my phone or if I am home people call me almost non-stop to ask stupid computer questions. Yes, for the most part it is my job, but there are those who are too needy. Anything for which the answer is check the power, reboot, or is the peripheral attached to the computer does not need a computer consult.

Anyway, things took longer than planned. I, also, neglected to let my husband know I was leaving. When I thought my husband had gotten home from work, I started looking for a pay phone. There were none. Alright, I eventually found one but I was only 16 minutes from home when I did, which was two hours after I had started looking. I suppose everyone has a cell phone now. Or maybe payphones began to attract an unseemly crowd. Or maybe they are no longer profitable. We have two in our tiny town and I suppose I didn't realize pay phones had disappeared.

When did this happen?

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zilla said...

We first noticed it in Scotland. Mr Z's cell was inoperable over there. It drives me nuts since I'm a bit anti-cellular myself. I, too, enjoy the quiet and not receiving frivolous calls for "help."