Monday, November 27, 2006

Tab Can Angels

Here they are!! Can Angels were the brain child of my nephew's nameless teacher a few years ago. I saw one on my sister's tree and thought - recycling of Tab cans, art project, yearly ornament. They are cute and if you drink enough Tab you will look like this angel. AGGHHHH!

To make them, you need:
  • cans
  • silver paint
  • wobble eyes
  • feathers
  • peach or other skin tone paint
  • pink paint
  • silver pipe cleaners
  • glue gun
First, drink the contents of the can. Rinse, then carefully squoosh one side. Spray paint can silver. When dry, paint end with opening peach or other natural skin tone. When dry, paint two pink dots for rosy cheeks. Next form the pipe cleaner into a halo leaving an attachment with a hump (to attach the ornament hanger). Attach with a glue gun. Don't try regular glue unless you have an enormous amount of time for drying. Once secure, attach feathers to create the wings. We used white feathers along with one or two other colors.

Have fun!!!


zilla said...


I don't know how a person can survive life on this planet without a hot glue gun. They're as indespensible as duct tape!

mull-berry said...

I love it! The shape of the mouth and downturned eyes gives the face such a tentative look! I had to laugh. We will definitely have to make some to add to our tree. Thanks!

miranda said...

Could they have eyebrows and maybe some type of painted lines on the corners of the mouths. The expression reminds me of the painting, The Scream.
Maybe it is just the picture.