Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nighttime Pacing

Last night Pink Panther went on a Boy Scout bowling outing. They left at 6 p.m. The bowling alley is about an hour away so add in a couple of hours travel. They went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant before bowling so add in another hour or two. Bowling should take a couple of hours.

At 1 a.m. I started pacing the floor. At 2 a.m. I gave up any attempt at being a cool mother (I didn't care whether Pink Panther was embarrassed) and had my husband call the Scout leader to ask him what was going on. At 3 a.m. my 10 year old son came slouching home. Obviously, there was a miscommunication about the outing or things just took longer than expected. I don't know.

What I do know is that I need a non-thinking hobby for time spent waiting, worrying, and trying not to embarrass my son. I tried to read, but I read the same page three times and still hadn't a clue what was said. I piddled on the computer, but news feeds are not calming. I need something productive and quite (so I don't keep everyone else awake). My mother suggested sewing. Perhaps she is right. I could have sewn the curtains for my bedroom and office that have been on the back burner for the two years we have lived in this house. Of course, I would have to plan so I would have fabric, thread, and other necessities on hand.

Any suggestions?


JoVE said...

Knit. Not all knitting is non-thinking but some is. I knit plain stockingnette socks when I need to focus on something else. You just go round and round and round only having to think when you get to the heel and the toe.

But bowling should not result in a 3 a.m. return. You have every right to have been worried. Maybe you need to get him to commit to a time he will be home with an agreement to phone if he is going to be later than that to explain. You are not unreasonable to ask for this, even for a scout trip.

wisteria said...

Knitting is an idea. I used to knit a long time ago. Maybe it is time to find those needles.

We have strict rules of travel and communication with Pink Panther and he takes those rules even further. He is my worrier and I have been trying to be more relaxed with him. Unfortunately, he had no control of his return because they were traveling in a bus and the Scout Master was bringing him home once they got back in town. I had, also, approved the trip so he assumed that as long as he was with the Scout group he was not late. I guess, I never imagined that a Scout group with boys as young as 10 would plan a night activity lasting until 3 a.m. I will get precise plans from the leaders next time.

Even if they had gotten home when I expected them, around 12:30, I wouldn't have been able to sleep until he arrived.

Susan said...

3 a.m.! That is a little over the top for a bowling trip. Very annoying...Perhaps they should have arranged for a bowling campout. I have to admit as a fellow worrier that cell phones with teenagers have helped ease that "where are you, what are you doing?" worry... Also, as a mom of a worrier, cell phones have helped him with "my car broke down, I am on the side of the road" worries.

Frankie said...

Sudokus. My answer to everything.

I'm kind of shocked about the 3am thing with scouts. Just me being cranky, but I think that is highly unreasonable -- even if you knew ahead of time. Doesn't bug me for older teens, but for the younger crowd I think that's a bit too much.

I always have to throw my opinion in when it comes to scouts. :-0

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I don't think there is any hobby that would calm me once 1am hit. Obviously, this leader is someone you need to be leary of, for no rational Scout leader would ever think to plan so poorly. I have had all the training, and obviously this guy feels he can ignore national guidelines. He should set up a return time schedule, and called when it was going beyond that time. Be careful! Glad Panther is home safe and sound!
Other than that, knitting in the round is very soothing ( I have little totes on the needles at all times for times fo stress!) as well as crocheting granny squares.

mull-berry said...

Our bowling alley has "cosmic bowling" from 11pm-1am on Fri and Sat nights. They have flourescent bowling balls, wall hangings and tabletops, etc. and turn on the black lights. We haven't gone at this time but several slumber parties show up to bowl ... it's not like they are going to sleep anyway!

I draw/doodle to fill time ... kind of like homemade doodle art. Do you like to color? Sorry you were so worried!

Becky said...

I'm not a knitter, but I second the idea of knitting, if only because those needles could come in mighty handy with irresponsible Scout Leaders at 3 a.m. A well-ventilated leader might be a more reasonable leader...

wisteria said...

I'm clam now and the miscommunication and the anxiety seem more humorous. I have learned some good lessons.

My husband is one of the Scout leaders in the town and he was picking up the popcorn at the distribution center (in the same city as the bowling) for all scouts (Cub and Boy) while the Boy Scout leaders did the "midnight" bowling. Hubby had more information than he shared. He knew they would be late (1:30-2:00) and he signed the permission with that information on it. I didn't ask any of the needed questions until I thought it was time for him to be home. I just assumed my husband had taken care of all the details since he takes him to Scouts and because he is a leader.

So, I have learned that I need to get the pertinent information myself, and that my husband and I don't agree on what is an acceptable time for a ten year old to be home is. Communication before a crisis of misunderstanding would be grand.