Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back from blogger hibernation

My life was out of control so I had to put something aside! Blogging was that thing. I am the free labor for my husband's bull sale, The Heart of Mississippi. I produced all the ads, mailers, and the 46 page catalog, wrote the computer software to run the sale, ran the office during the sale , and reconciled the sale and produced seller's checks. In addition to all this I still worked my other jobs, taught the children, and prepared meals. I'm exhausted! Life should go back to normal soon.

I know ya'll didn't want to hear all that!

I have been tagged by Griffin at Wheel Revolution, so I decided to come out of hiding. The task at hand is to confide six weird things about myself, then find six other people who will confide six weird things about themselves. I thought at first that the task was impossible. I am sooooo normal and sooo regular. I have no strange deformaties of the body and no cool, but somewhat strange skills like twitching ears and independently moving eyebrows. I, even, asked my husband and mother. They both said, immediately, that there is nothing normal about me. I guess that makes me really weird since I don't even realize I am strange. Here are a few of their suggestions:
  • I have the concentration of a snapping turtle. Once I tackle an interesting or difficult task, I will not stop until it is finished - no matter what. I have to be careful with this one now that I have children because while I can go without food, bath, sleep, and . . . they cannot.
  • I have read every (known to me) published word written by William Faulkner including letters, stories, and novels. I didn't do this for a grade at school. I was just curious and liked his work, except some of his whiney letters about finances.
  • I can discern minute ingredients and flavors in food.
  • I can visually rotate things in my mind so that I can see how they fit together. I have a few hang-ups about arrangements in homes so will mentally rearrange the cabinets, appliances, and furniture so they will fit my image of "correct." I will not move anything physically (how rude would that be). To take this further, I can see how mechanical things are made and I can pack the trunk so that all space is utilized and can do it on the first try.
  • I have a high pain threshhold and a low tolerance of pain medication. I have had two root canals, reconstructive thumb surgery(had a beta block-local with a band to keep the local from entering my body) , two babies, and hundreds of stitches(I ran through a patio door) without the use of anesthesia. The doctors and dentists were very strange about it, but I persisted and they let me go without.
  • I have saved by brother's life 3 times. I could hear him calling me even though he never yelled or had the chance to yell. By the way we are not twins.
    • I heard him after he was accidently locked in the freezer by one of his playmates. The mother of the playmate arrived and the playmate got distracted. I heard him calling even though I shouldn't have been able to hear him.
    • Then, when he was a little older he fell between a Six Flags' log ride log and the wall and I pulled him out before he was dragged down and away.
    • Finally, Dad let us jump out of the boat at a sandbar while he loaded the boat on a trailer. My brother's friend said he could swim and flailed himself out of the boat. Brother realized said friend couldn't swim and tried to save him. Friend pushed him under and I came from the shore to drag the friend and brother to safety just in the knick of time.

Do I win the weird prize?? Or can these unsuspecting victims do better? BTW, this was difficult because I have seen this meme done at many of the blogs I frequent and there are some who just don't want to be tagged. Becky at Farm School, Angela at Mother Crone's School, Mull-berry at One Jelly Donut (please), Frankie at Kitchen Table Learners and Doc at Doc's Sunrise Rants. If someone else wants to play, please feel free. Susan at Chicken Spaghetti, I didn't want you to have to sully your super polished children's book blog or I would have chosen you!


Frankie said...

Wow about saving your brother. I completely relate and understand you hearing him without hearing him.

Wow again about seeing things and rotating them. That is beyond me. My husband said he can do that, too.

I'll play the weird game, but I'm going to have to think about it because I'm just not weird, either....HA! I love the fact I'm weird, and I have so much to choose from.

Susan said...

Wisteria, welcome back!

Wow, on the Faulkner. Wow. Very impressive. I've read a ton of our fellow Mississippian Willie Morris, but finally tired of his work. By the way, have you read Peter Taylor? (He was from Tenn., not from Miss.) His short stories are wonderful, and thought provoking.

Six weird things about me?
1. I like Vienna sausage sandwiches.
2. Years ago a friend and I drove all around Memphis trying out BBQ places, then a year or two later I made my husband do the same thing all over again. Actually I find this kind of normal...I do the same thing now with Latin American places around here. (No good BBQ to search out, alas.)
3. The Commodores threw me their guitar pick at a concert.
4. I still have it.
5. I have been to the National Tobacco Spitting Contest. (Mind you, I wasn't in it, though I did try some tabacky. Naisty.)

wisteria said...

Frankie, Thanks for playing. I can barely wait!!

Susan, what is your favorite Memphis BBQ? My husband's sister and father live in Memphis and we have much opportunity to taste. There was one hole in the wall that I loved, but I have never found it again. I remember the orange seats and formica with metal banding on the table. The slaw on the sandwich was the best and the BBQ had enough fire to make a whistle blow.

I went to a Watermelon seed spitting contest in Smith County. I did not participate. My skills were just not up to snuff!

I'll read Peter Taylor. Library day will be coming shortly.

wisteria said...

Susan, Where and when was the concert!?

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

All right...I've answered your tag! It is so fun to learn all thsee neat things about each other!

Susan said...

Oh, I love those Smith County watermelons. At the Mississippi Picnic in Central Park, there is always a watermelon seed spitting contest. Pretty funny. It's mostly for kids.

That Commodores concert was in the late 70's in Murfreesboro, TN, if I'm remembering right. Although I didn't go there, MTSU got a lot of good concerts, and I saw many there while I was in college in nearby Nashville.

My favorite Memphis BBQ places were 1. Interstate, and 2. The Barbecue Shoppe (on Madison?) Interstate was harder to find. They did have BBQ spaghetti, which my husband loved. When my friend and I did the BBQ tour, we saw Jerry Lee Lewis in the lobby of the Peabody.

I really love Peter Taylor's short stories more than his novels. In the Miro District is one I particularly liked.

zilla said...

Hmmm. Highly intelligent, intuitive, perceptive, discerning ... not so weird, but truly exceptional :-)