Monday, November 06, 2006

Time line

I worked on my timeline solution this weekend. Of course, it did not turn out exactly as I imagined, but I did get to use the Timeliner software and I have timeline pages for the children to use for narrations, illustration, self-expression. I divided the ancient timeline into really ancient (5,500,000 BCE to 4,500 BCE) and ancient. I entered all the timeline dates from The World in Ancient Times Series, color coded by area (Mesopotamia, South Asia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, America, Chinese) . There are some pages that have almost too much information on them and then there are pages with no documented history. The children will have fun finding something to go there. I, like Jove, prefer to let the children explore and bring information to table. They are old enough to start seeking within the structure of the base timeline. What is another word for timeline? I know I have used it 20 times already.

I have printed the timeline pages on card stock and will trim (because I am obsessive compulsive) and tape the edges so the pages can be spread and studied. I am so excited!!!!

Take a look at the Ancient and the Really Ancient and Earliest Clues. I have repaired the links (I really did this time), but dial-ups should still be warned. The first file is over over 1 MB, but the others are relatively small.


mull-berry said...

These look really cool ... I just taped ours on the wall. We did play a fun little game ... each boy got to guess when they thought each of the following occured:

cuniform invented
paper invented
stonehenge constructed
dinosaurs on earth
man on moon
etc (other things that would interest them)

They put their sticky notes on the wall chart, then I told them the real dates. They were pretty right on, except for the invention of paper. In fact, shocked!

wisteria said...

You have such good ideas. I will do this, though since we have already read past some of the event, it won't be as cool.

What did you use for your timeline? Did you make it?

mull-berry said...

This is our second one. The first one was hand-drawn on poster board and we didn't use it. So, using reverse psychology, I used blank newsprint (read: cheap) and stapled it to the wall. It's getting more use!

wisteria said...

Take a picture when you are finished!