Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veterans Day

I know Veterans' Day was yesterday, but today there was a short, informal Veterans' Day service. Veterans of all wars were called forward by war. Pictures of the men in uniform in their younger days had been gathered. After the little talk, the audience was invited forward to say individual thank yous and look at the pictures. My husband said he felt a little emotional so he didn't want to stay. Pink Panther really wanted to meet the mostly older men (World War II and Korea) and find out where they fought and what they did in the war. So, we went back inside and shook each and everyone of the teary eyed men's hands. Pink Panther found Navy men who fought in the South Pacific, a pilot who was based in England, a Marine who never left the safety of the USA, a foot soldier who fought in Germany, and a soldier who fought in Italy. There were also soldiers from the more recent Desert Storm and a soldier who had just returned from the conflict a couple of months ago.

Many of the men seemed so flattered that someone so young was so interested in them and their stories. Many wanted to tell their whole story, but there was not time - the line kept pressing us forward and away from the stories.

I wonder how many times I have walked away from something important, just because I felt a little uncomfortable.

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