Monday, November 13, 2006

Could you resist this face?

Mississippi got cooler, again. We may have even gotten to 32 degrees last night. I know you Northern readers aren't sympathetic. I know you have been shivering for a while. As it was getting cooler, The Yellow Dog came to the screen door. He whined a bit. Wagged that tail and tried to look cute. He is a disaster in the house - chewing things he shouldn't chew and banging that tail into everything. But how can you resist such a cute face and pleasing manner?

I let him in the dog trot which is no warmer than outside, in fact, it may be cooler because of the wind and lack of sun. He seemed happy, then Princess brought him some warm water and a blanket. He loved the attention. An hour or so later we went into the kitchen and left Yellow Dog in the hall.

He was satisfied no longer. He put his big paws on the kitchen door and looked in the window. I don't have a picture of that one because the children immediately said, "Look at him. He is so cute and he is cold." They opened the door. I laid down the law. "He does not leave this room and you will watch him constantly. If you leave the kitchen, he goes outside." My children don't stay inside long so the dog stayed in all of twenty minutes, but I wondered what would happen when it gets really cold and wet. The dog has a labradorish thick coat and it was only 45 degrees. He is supposed to be an outside dog. Why can't he just stay outside?

He has that cute face and those pleasing mannerisms when he asks. Pleasing manners win every time.

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