Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Even though I would have preferred to wait a week or so before Christmas tree shopping, schedules and the short supply required that we make a mad dash to the local (10 miles away) Christmas tree farm. Those searching for a tall tree know to arrive at the Rosebud Farm Thanksgiving day. We waited a couple of days, so there were only 20 large trees remaining. We chose a 9' Leland Cypress that was somewhat narrow at the bottom. Our tree is not as natural looking as we would like because the drought caused the trimmed branches not to regrow as quickly, but we like supporting the local farm.

In previous years I have been jealous of my older sister's Christmas tree. In fact, just yesterday my younger sister and I were trying to decide what it was that made the other sister's tree so beautiful. We talked about ornament type and placement, type of tree, and other somewhat intangible elements. We also talked about our jealousy. My older sister does not even have a tree, yet I know I will ultimately have tree envy.

Yesterday, I was excited to see and place some of the children's handmade ornaments. We have made something for the tree almost every year - bell wreaths, Tab can angels, construction paper Rudolphs, and glitter stars. They were also excited to see their special purchased ornaments my mother gives each grandchild. Then we unpacked older ornaments - an apple given to me by a student along time ago, a cat my sister sent when she lived in NYC, snowflakes and an egg my aunt made, silver balls from my first married Christmas, and a few ornaments from my childhood and my husband's Santa ball ornament made with one of those nylon thread covered balls. Once we finished decorating, the children and I sat down and looked. Of course, I was judging. We need bigger lights, more lights, and larger ornaments. I need to rearrange the ornaments. The tree is a little crooked. I can't help myself. Then, the children started oohing and ahing and pointing out their ornaments and their joy was contagious.

Our tree is beautiful, I just wasn't seeing it properly!


mull-berry said...

"Tab can angel"

I'd like to see that!

Your tree sounds wonderful!

wisteria said...

Hey! I've missed you. I will post a picture.

Sister Susan said...

Now I feel pressure to make the tree even more beautiful this year!!:) Since this is my first Rosebud tree I hope my ornaments hang as well. Of course, I worried about this even before I read the blog! Maybe we should have a blog on how to make a "can" angel - although some have looked at mine and thought it was a "Budlight" angel... :)

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Tree envy...I love it! I am one who likes to linger over setting up the tree, as the ornaments end up being like long lost friends. We have a tradition that each family member picks a special new ornament every year. The result, along with all the antique ones from my DH & My childhoods, is a tree stuffed to the max! I wouldn't have it any other way. We will have to post pics to share our holiday joy!

zilla said...

Great fun, those Tab can angels!

With the blending of two families, and differing opinions on what makes for a perfect Christmas tree, Mr Z and I take turns choosing the tree each year. He likes them long-needled and full-figured, I like them short-needled with plenty of air between the branches so the ornaments hang freely. Of course, we're both trying to recreate the Christmas trees of our childhoods, and since I'm the "artistic" one I'm usually happier with my effort than he is with his -- which gives me an idea! I'll sort through his old family photo albums and next year I'll suprise him by recreating his childhood tree!

Hey, thanks for inspiring me!