Saturday, November 18, 2006

This always amazes me!

Rye grass mixed with clover that I planted a month or so ago has sprung like it is Spring. Other than the tan frost burned bermuda grass and that one golden tree in the background you would never know it was mid-November.

Most people around here plant some winter forage grass for cattle, so our pastures are not unusual. But, I am still amazed when I see the bright lime green when you expect to see winter. We only planted two whole pastures and part of another so I can compare.

If I thought all the chiggers were frozen, I would go wallow in the grass and pretend it is Spring.


Lady Tremaine said...

I'm half tempted to ask for permission to dowload this picture for wallpaper. I can't imagine this much green anywhere this time of year. It's an instant pick-me-up!

wisteria said...

You may use it. I get to see it from my office window, and my kitchen window, and my living room window. Of course, I get to see it every time I go outside.