Monday, November 20, 2006

I have a new curtain for my office

But it is driving me crazy, already. The curtain was put in place because I was adamant about keeping all the old windows that were usable. The usable windows are not particularly airtight so last winter I experienced a bit of a draft while working. I thought I would solve that problem before it got too cold. I made the lined shade this weekend. The shade does eliminate heat loss, but it will probably have a short life.

First of all, I cannot see outside. Admittedly, I frequently get distracted by what is happening out there so having a curtain should make me more productive, but not seeing anything could be considered torture. Secondly, I didn't consider the negative impact of eliminating the sunlight in this small room with dark natural wood walls. I will have to purchase better lighting if I keep the curtain. I work a lot at night and the lack of light has never bothered me, but to need extra light during the day seems silly. Lastly, the fabric I chose is so bright I can barely focus on the computer and my projects. It is happy and matches my bright orange, blue, and green chairs but goodness gracious it is loud!!!!

What do you think?


zilla said...

I think I love it, despite its faults!

There's got to be a way to bring in some light without losing the natural beauty and character of the walls. Would well-positioned task-lighting do for you, or do you prefer to be awash in brightness?

I love your curtain because it shows that you have no fear of color, and I admire that because I'm terrified of color! I love color, but I can't create a space with it because it's just so ... scary to me.

wisteria said...

I am laughing because this is the first time in my life that I have bought something so bright. In all other homes, I have gone with a neutral palette. In fact, in our last house, which was a modern with an entire wall of windows I painted all walls white and hung white curtains. I did have green stained concrete floors. I liked the shadows of the trees and the reflections of the greens from outside.

Here, I chose not to paint anything that had not been painted before. So, everything except the kitchen(honeydew) and the bathroom(white) is old, dark brown, heart pine bead board or tongue and groove. Something about that brown made me go wild for the color I never realized I needed. I started with some wooden chairs that I painted citrus orange, lime green, and robin egg blue. Now, those colors seem to be replicating without my consent. Scary, but so happy!!!