Thursday, November 09, 2006

You know you are procrastinating when . . .

1. You decide it is mandatory to have all the clothes washed . . . and folded and it is not laundry day and you've never had all your clothes washed and folded - ever.
2. You start cleaning the children's rooms.
3. You start experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.
4. You keep flipping through your blog feeds hoping someone will post something new to distract you for a few minutes.
5. You start reading blog archives.

Should I go on? I have a deadline tomorrow for a bull sale catalog and I can not get excited about finishing all the meticulous genetic information even though some of the bull names are amusing in a perverted cattle humor sort of way. Should I sully my blog by sharing?

1 comment:

JoVE said...

Several things on your list look very familiar though I never make a serious attempt to clean my child's room. And I vote for the sullying the blog. We might not get the cattle humour but it would be interesting to see what passes as humour among the cattle crowd.