Thursday, March 01, 2007

More dirt pictures

Doesn't my kitchen look happy with all the colorfully labeled dirt pods. After years of getting to the garden with mystery plants, I have taken my crusty old sailor friend's technique for my own. He has moved to Snug Harbor Retirement Village, so he won't know I am copying his ideas and I won't have to listen to him say, "I told you so!" In reality, I may send him a picture so he will know that his worst and best pupil has finally taken his advice about something.

The plan is to mark each plant, rather than each set, with something (paper clip, wire, or toothpicks). With the small, though permanently colored insert the coding remains with the seedling even if the big container is jostled or the seedling is moved to a larger pot or given as a gift. The master list is kept in a safe place. I thought I would enter it in my NoteTaker Farm book, but I haven't.

Last year, I seeded 12 varieties of tomatoes and 5 varieties of peppers. By the time the tomatoes and peppers were planted in the garden, I had only 9 varieties of tomatoes and 2 of peppers. I had inadvertently given away the entire seeding of a few varieties. This year I will know what I am planting.

Besides, the kitchen looks happy with all those little colored toothpicks and paper clips!


JoVE said...

Cool idea. Might have to suggest that to the gardener in the house. He got the UV lights out the other day and planted broccoli. there is still considerable snow on the ground and more forecast for hte weekend (though I don't think we'll get the freezing rain, etc. that is hitting other parts of the province). And of course the ground is frozen solid. But then we can grow stuff in the middle of summer.

Oh, on that. I noticed that in Italy, folks grow things under the fruit trees in their gardens. Stuff like basil that bolt in the heat. Have you ever tried that?

Angela, Mother Crone said...

I love that idea. I got really nervous for a second, and then remembered that you are a few hundred miles south of me and might even have green grass starting to poke thorugh already. We will be starting our seeds next week. I now know I must get my colored toothpicks first!

Kate in NJ said...

Great idea. My hubby was involved in
an heirloom tomato study last year, and by the time we had some fruit he couldn't tell what varieties some of the plants were. He grew 100 varieties. I'm going to show him this idea.Thanks!

mull-berry said...

After first seeing your photo, I read through the post waiting to hear about those luscious chocolate donuts!

wisteria said...

Kate, 100 varieties!!!?? Wow! How fun. Which turned out to be your favorite? and his?

Donuts? You must be starving.

wisteria said...

Jove, I'm going to try the fruit tree thing this year. I've heard that basil helps with fruit tree insects.

zilla said...

Clever and pretty!

I hope your scary weather is past for the season. You & yours have been on my mind, so it's nice to see such a cheery post full of springy anticipation!

wisteria said...

Did you have a power outage and blizzard like conditions? I thought of you today.