Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Frustration Mounts

I have been having difficulty posting comments to blogs ever since Beta Blogger arrived. I have difficulty posting comments to my own blog which seems really weird. So, if I normally visit and post comments at your blog and you've noticed my absence, don't feel as if I am neglecting you. I'm not. I'm not sure whether I'm incapable of reading the security letters or incapable of typing my name and password. Maybe it's a Mac/blogger hangup or . . . Is it just me????

I don't need these tiny frustrations!


Doc said...

Same problem here. It's worse on sites with "pop up" comment boxes. I finally figured out I can post if I don't use my blogger log in name; I use "other", a nickname, and my web address so people know it's "me". It's especially irritating when I can't post to my own page. I stopped trying to comment for a long time - we'll see if this works!

JoVE said...

I had some difficulty for a while but then it seemed to sort itself out. I don't use blogger myself but have a username since so many of the blogs I read limit comments to blogger members. Very frustrating.

Susan said...

Me, too, Wisteria. I notice it with Blogger. Many, many times I have to type in a second word verification.

giggle said...

I'm a Chinese girl.
Some days ago I have become to a blogger user,hoping i have not had too much errors in English.