Friday, March 23, 2007

The water hose

We've been six inches short of our average rainfall this month. I've already had to rely on the water hose to keep my asparagus, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and spinach alive and producing. Late yesterday afternoon I set up the soaker hose to water my asparagus bed, turned on the water, and went inside. Obviously there was a malfunction at the hydrant, because when my husband got home at nine, the back yard and parking area were flooded - not just a little water, but get your waders flooded.

Did I ever mention how much I hate water hoses and the idea of watering a garden? Well, I do. Even though my garden is ready, I won't plant another thing until it rains.


JoVE said...

Hmmm. We are awash in melting snow. It rained most of yesterday and between that and the snow there is water sitting on teh garden. Mat is worried that the lettuce will drown (they survive all that cold but die in the melt. Figures.)

zilla said...

We're in the same shape as jove, and the result is water in the basement -- a problem I thought we'd solved permanently last year. Argh! Water: so necessary, yet such a pain in the neck!

I'm envying your early crops, though (or any crops at all -- we've bought a share in a community supported farm, which is wonderful, but the satisfaction isn't the same). Especially the spinach -- I've been engrossed in George Mateljan's The World's Healthiest Foods and spinach is at the top of the list ;-)

With maybe one cubic yard of snowbank left on the property, I've been satisfying the gardening itch with clearing away winter debris. It smells so good. I wish I had planted additional bulbs last fall. I'm wondering how early I can start my upside-down tomato planter...

Chin up and elbows out, Wisteria. Tap dancing in waders might be fun?

zilla said...

PS: That was an email of a comment, wasn't it? And once again, flipping things to be All About Me ... apologies!!!

wisteria said...

I suppose I will be satisfied with my hose watered spinach. Eating asparagus certainly sounds better than shoveling snow.

The smell of Spring soil is exhilarating. There is something about the damp, rotting mash that is covertly erotic - like the birds' songs only quieter.

I fixed my faucet yesterday. I didn't even break anything else doing it.

Angela,MotherCrone said...

I am sure all that extra water made for some very special tracks into the house...double ugh!
I am with you though, and couldn't imagine planting more until the ground has had another good soaking!

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