Sunday, March 11, 2007

The clover is not the only thing blooming!!!

The plum trees have just started blooming. There are other expectant trees in our yard, but the plum has produced the first real flowers.

After yesterday, we are closer to being ready. Hives have been inspected, repairs made, and new paint applied.

Manure has been applied.

Screen doors have been repaired.

Now, we watch and wait while enjoying our best season.


JoVE said...


We were up above 0C today and I got to observe my beloved partner in his odd spring ritual of shovelling snow ONTO the driveway so that it will melt in the sun. But there is a long way to go before we see the ground, much less before it is thawed out.

wisteria said...

This is my favorite time of the year and I just can't contain myself. I hope it doesn't seem braggy.

Jove, You get to ice skate and cross country ski. You have a fabulous Fall and a Summer that you can actually enjoy with its moderate temperatures.

miranda said...

What variety of plums do you have?
Ours uprooted during Katrina.

zilla said...

Braggy? I think we're all grateful that you're sharing the joy, giving us something to look forward to...

Are plum blossoms fragrant? That's something I'm dying to know, even if zone 5b puts them out of reach. I just want to know what they smell like. :-)

wisteria said...

My plums are Ozark Red and a nameless to me pollinator.

The blooms smell heavenly, but without the pervasiveness of magnolia or gardenia. Perhaps if my four trees were full grown, I could perfume the area, but now you have to bury your face in the blooms to get a true scent over all the other smells.