Saturday, March 17, 2007

Our Journey

The children and I are home from our Spring break. Even though this time of the year is not prime beach weather because it is still a bit cool, the water is chilly, and the probability of rain is high, I enjoyed our jaunt.

We looked for shells, investigated all the jelly fish that washed ashore (if they looked fresh we tossed them back in the gulf for another chance), flew kites, explored the dunes, threw the Frisbee, and did cartwheels on the beach. Who knew? I can still do cartwheels. I didn't need the emergency room when finished either.

While it was raining we watched movies, identified our shells with the nature guides, assembled a puzzle. I read a little.

I didn't take pictures. I never took the camera out of my suit case - no time.

Going on vacation without the husband was an eye opening experience. The children wanted to do so many things that needed adult supervision and I was the only adult. I couldn't do all and still provide food, wash clothes, and keep the sand out of the house. They didn't get to go to the lagoon, crabbing, or fishing. We did have fun, though.

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