Tuesday, March 13, 2007


These chicks are about a week old. They still have their fluffy chick look, but have a few feathers, especially on their wings. Chick on the back left is a Buff Catalana, chick on right rear is a Barred Rock, affectionately called Dominecker in these parts, and the chick on the front is what happens when you aren't careful to keep your different breeds separate. Should we call her a Buffinecker or a Domilana?

We have two broody hens, but I haven't been brave enough to see how many eggs they are sitting. Broody hens are scary, nest protecting, pecking maniacs but who can blame them. I might peck a few people if they tried to take my babies or babies to be in this case.


zilla said...

At what age can you differentiate gender in chicks? Do you care if they're hens or roosters? I like the hybrid chick's appearance -- is there a purpose in avoiding cross-breeding?

Do these breeds lay colored eggs?

Chicks are exciting! Chickens are fun! Roosters, though -- I've yet to meet a friendly one!

wisteria said...

Honestly, you can't tell at this age unless you are a professional sexer and even then the signs are only 80%. Supposedly you can look at the vent and tell, but I can't. I wait for the feathers.

You can get too many roosters and that can stress the hens, ruin the dynamics of the groups, and keep you up nights listening to them go on and on about how wonderful they think are.

The only reason cross bred chicks are less desirable is that you can't sell as a breed. Now, people can drop by the house and say, I need a Dominecker and I can choose to sell. Yet, I don't mind the crosses. I like the surprise.

The Buffs lay white eggs and the Barred Rocks lay brown. We don't have any tinted egg layers but I have always been curious.

I have a love - hate relationship with the roosters. They are beautiful, but sometimes I watch them and can't help but think how cocky, selfish, deceitful, and vain they are and think how human men have not evolved very much and I then I don't like them very much.

zilla said...

lol -- men, roosters, funny...

Enjoy your break. I'll miss you.

miranda said...

I vote for Domilana if the chick is female.