Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ecce Romani

Don't faint! because I am doing a homeschooling post. I know it has been a long time.

Warning: I am a complete foreign language imbecile. I once had a teacher tell me to "Give it up! With your lazy tongue you will never be able to do anything more than drawl."

But I keep trying. . . For two years we used Latin Primer, but at Christmas we moved to the story based Ecce Romani. Pink Panther and I learned a good bit of Latin with the Latin Primer Program. We still review many of the chants and vocabulary, but we needed a boost in excitement, so I researched and found this story based program. We love it!!!! With mischievous boys and servants who yell "Abite, molesti!"(Go away you pests!), daring rescues, and everyday life captured in accessible Latin, we have been enjoying Latin rather than tolerating it. I purchased the workbook and audio CDs since I had no prior (before homeschooling) Latin knowledge.

The CD reads the story, reads the story with pauses (so you can repeat the sentences), and reviews vocabulary. We listen and repeat this every day of the week, then work on a few of the exercises. By doing only one chapter a week we get to spend plenty of time with the exercises and practice, while still maintaining our Charlotte Mason inspired short lessons.

You can get the entire program from Pearson Educational. They have a special homeschool registration, but then you have access to all of the Pearson Educational materials.

I just overheard my 7 year old daughter yell, "Abite molesti!" to my son and husband as they were chasing her around the house. I think we have a keeper.


ANgela, MOtherCrone said...

This program sounds very neat! I wish I had found it instead of struggling through the dry and boring Latina Christina with Scout.

We love the high school program we are using for the same reasons. My only struggle is the difficulty fitting in the actual class with the tutor. That 3hour chunk of class time and travel is really a bother!

mull-berry said...

We'll have to check that out. It seems that the boys learn better when there is an obvious purpose.

On a recent trip to Dollar General, I found a couple of journals with a Harry Potter cover ... for 88 cents! So, I think we are going to use the spells in the book and the new journals to look at Latin.

Also, would you like to host Addie/AdventureMouse for a month? Her itinerary is stating to take off and I didn't want you to get left out! : ) Maybe May? Let me know!

wisteria said...

Mull-berry, I would love to have Addie!!! I have been jealous of all those who have hosted her. I think your Harry Potter Latin will be a hit. We have actually looked up many of them in our Latin dictionary.

I feel that we will need to find a tutor for high school unless I just miraculously "get it."

mull-berry said...

How about May or late summer (Aug or Sept)?

wisteria said...

May would be great!

mull-berry said...

May it is, then! : )