Thursday, March 29, 2007

Savannah Blues

I read (listened) to Mary Kay Andrews' Savannah Blues. It is really a ridiculous book and not believable at all. Most Southern belles I know would never publicly use the foul language that Mary Kay Andrews chooses to bestow on her heroines and the plot is outrageously far-fetched. But, I felt entertained. The story was bigger than life. I wanted to see how BeBe Loudermilk would get revenge and her money. I wanted to be part of the scheme. I wanted her to find a good man and live happily ever after.

What's more. I will read and probably enjoy another Andrews book if she writes another even though every one of her previous books follows the same formula. They are happy, light, and about strong Southern belles who always get short changed and get revenge. Oh, and there is a recipe and fresh, bright cover art.

I am addicted to cover art whether it is on a book or a wine bottle. Send my money to the graphic artist. I will buy the mood or feeling every single time. Yes, I eventually look beyond the cover, but the initial draw is powerful. Want a "beach read?" Choose a brightly colored, fun looking book that has no pretension of being good literature.

Do you choose a book by the cover?


JoVE said...

I do choose books by their covers. Of course, I don't make the final decision based on the cover, but a good cover gets it in the running.

zilla said...

Should I go for the obvious, trashy joke here?

I choose a book the same way I choose a man: by the backside.


I am interested in jacket art and wine labels, too. But I tend to choose books first by reviews I've read and second by the text on the back cover & inside flaps.

I did read a juicy "beach book" paperback a few years ago when I had a case of island fever. Even that one I chose after reading every back cover in the resort gift shop. I was amazed at how much fun it was to read!

I choose wines based on experience, price and region -- in that order -- and I never try a new one without reading the description on the label. I buy wines I know I like unless the wines I like aren't available, in which case I look for New Zealand first, Australia second, California third, and I cringe at the idea of paying more that $10 for a bottle. I know -- there are people who would find that as crazy as picking paperclips out of dustpans ;-)

TMI - I think I made the coffee too strong this morning :-)

wisteria said...

Jove, You are correct to make that distiction. The cover gets it in the running, but it also has to make the cut in other ways. I want the cover to match the mood and style of the writing. Am I asking too much?

Zilla, What a show of maturity - meticulous, frugal, and thoughtful (BTW, I know you don't like that dash there but I wanted the words to slow and flow, not halt and flow).

I read an article about cover reviews that has made it difficult for me to trust them. I wish I knew what month the article appeared. I hate my disorganization. Anyway, someone in the know said that publishers crop bad reviews into positive statements for the cover. Maybe The New York Times Book Review said Incredible piece of junk, then the publishers use "Incredible" on the back cover and attribute it to the NYTBR. All that being said, I am still addicted to the reviews.


I don't think you are crazy. I do the same.

mull-berry said...

That's the only way I choose wine ... by the label. In OK, wine is only sold in liquor stores, but in states that have them at the grocery ... I just marvel over the labels ... who cares what's in 'em. : )

In fact, I can't find it now, but when products first started to use the UPC label, one artist researched it and made the UPC into art. Still the black lines, but made into cattails, etc.

And, what's with that "Two Buck Chuck?"

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

LOL as I thought the same thing about hte language...more suitable for a truckstop than the Southern Women I met (although, get them away from the public and liquored up and tongues loosen up a bit! )

Every once and a while we need an escapist book that is light, predictable and have a nice, tidy ending. I am a sucker for Susan Wiggs and Anne Rivers Siddon for that reason!

mull-berry said...

I found it ...

Susan said...

Read an essay by Stephen King entitled "How to Bury a Book" - I think it is in the April 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly. The essay is about booksellers and covers. It is really interesting. I am sorry I don't know if it is online - I'll save it for you. I am not a big Stephen King book fan but his essays in this magazine are always interesting.

wisteria said...

Mull-berry, Have you tried it?? The Two Buck Chuck? That is so interesting. No chance of getting it here.

Now, that is a wonderful barcode. I wish I had thought of it.

miranda said...

Cover art matters. But,always, I read the back covers ..also information about the author including photo if published. Maybe, subconsciously, I have a point system in there somewhere.

Even if the book comes well recommended, I still take more pleasure in the book if the cover is interesting. For some reason I prefer paperbacks with matte covers.

Given that I am looking for a certain variety of grape or region within a particular price range and with everything else being equal, I will go for the most interesting label every time.