Thursday, March 01, 2007

Does anyone else see the incongruity here?

I bought this light bulb today. I have been waiting for it for almost a week, because this is not a normally stocked lighting option in our small town. I want to help the earth by choosing lighting that will reduce carbon output. We are also readying our house for solar power and these bulbs are a must so I waited a week in low lighting conditions.

So, I go to pick up this wonderful earth saving bulb and look at the packaging. They have packaged the earth friendly bulb in a huge non-recyclable clam pack when the non earth friendly bulbs are still packaged in the minimalistic recycled cardboard (4 bulbs to a unit) boxes.

Now why would they do that? Don't they know that the people who are purchasing this bulb are thinking of the environment and want less packaging.


JoVE said...

You know what? I have never really twigged to that, though once you mention it it is obvious. those things are a bitch to get anything out of as well.

Angela, Mother Crone said...

You really must have been in my kitchen around the new year when I was ranting about the same thing! It is just obnoxious. We have switched almost every bulb in the house, except my reading bedside lamp that I want bright and the candelier that has those tiny bulbs. We had problems with blowing bulbs in our ceiling fan almost monthly, and these new ones really last.

Frankie said...

We use these type of bulbs in about half the house. I hate the packaging. It's hard to open, but I never thought about it being environmentally unfriendly.

nina said...

Well some well meaning environmentalist are not thinking about it. It never occured to me when I purchased the bulbs. We have been having trouble with our regular bulbs burning out so I have the new ones put aside until we figure out the problem.

You raise a very good point. My assumption is that a very large corporation would test market and research all the avenues for packaging and determine which one was best for them and not necessarily the environment.