Friday, March 02, 2007

My secret obsession

On several occasions I have lamented the addition of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives to our food. I have condemned those who let their children eat garbage everyday. I am relatively careful about what we eat, but as the Easter season draws near I find that I cannot resist some base desire for Whopper brand Robin Eggs. I'm just as embarrassed about this obsession as I am about my Tab addiction. On Tuesday, I saw the first of the Robin Eggs at the grocery store. I was not looking for them. I promise. I do have some pride. Nevertheless, the Robin Eggs were placed so I couldn't miss them and I couldn't resist.

I have eaten the whole bag. The children helped, but I feel sure that I consumed most of them. I feel sick - Heavy, sluggish, and just plain disgusting, but if there were any Eggs left, I would eat them.

I am weak. I am a hypocrite.


zilla said...

Better Whopper Eggs than Cadbury Eggs! Cadbury was my college Easter addiction. I can't tolerate them anymore, but Whoppers? I can't believe you didn't SHARE WITH ME!

Mama Chaos said...

I'm a Cadbury egg kind of girl myself. For most of the year I am viligent that only healthy food comes into this house. Then easter comes, and Cadbury eggs, and I must eat them every day or I will wither away into nothingness.

(I do the same with Egg Nog at Christmas)

Angela, MOtherCrone said...

Don't feel so least you are such a healthy eater the rest of the time you are suffering! ;)

My latest weakness has been all these darned girl scout cookies. I swear I could eat a whole sleeve of shortbread cookies with tea any day!

And now I have to face easter candy in the stores? There oughtta be a law!

wisteria said...

Don't get me started on Girl Scout cookies - Thin Mints in particular. I haven't had any in years, but I bet I could do some damage.

wisteria said...

Zilla, I'll buy another bag.

mull-berry said...

The calories (and all the other bad things) don't count if you put on 'robin egg' lipstick before you eat it. You know, when you lick the candy coating and rub it on your lips? Mmm ... now THAT's an Easter tradition to pass on. : )