Saturday, March 25, 2006

Super Glue Disaster

I have done something stupid and I am paying the price. We needed a touch of glue and couldn't find any Elmer's when I saw a tube of Super Glue. Unfortunately, the top would not come off the non-stick tube top. With typical brilliance, I decided to pry it off with a place knife. I did get the red top off, but not the clear insert. I tried again. Instead of just removing the stopper, I removed the entire top and slung glue all over the counter, but mostly all over my hands. I sent my daughter for some finger nail polish remover (thank goodness my six year old daughter enjoys typical female grooming rituals or there would have been none in the house) because I had seen it on The Wedding Planner. I was able to get the glue off the cabinet, but my hands and finger nails still have a white glaze and are raw from the finger nail polish remover. I have oiled, washed, lotioned and anything else I could think of but, alas, I have been branded for my stupidity. My question is . . . If people are smart enough to invent a super glue, why are they not smart enough to invent packaging that will contain the product without annoyance until the container is empty?


Natalie said...

Perhaps it has begun to wear off by now, but for future use (one never knows) I recommend Super Glue Remover. Brookshires and Kroger sell it on the hardware aisle next to the glue.

I scoffed at first, thinking, "bah, who needs it." Me, that's who. I've used it three times. And it works.

Have a super, um...have a great week.


wisteria said...

Super Glue Remover -- that was too straight forward to be one of my ideas!!! If I ever buy Super Glue again, which I doubt, I will certainly pick up the remover as well.