Wednesday, March 29, 2006


My son mounted this old bird house on Sunday and yesterday before we left for ballet we saw a bluebird family checking to see if it suited their needs. They were so funny and so human like. The male bird would look inside and then go sit on the fence. He would talk a minute or two and then the female would go in and inspect and come out and talk. Then they both sat on the fence and talked furiously.

This morning they were back. This bird house is not in a good location. A gate is right there and the garden fence is a good place for cats to balance. I was hoping to talk to my son about the proper location and dangers for the bluebirds this week. I had no idea that we would have tenants so soon. I got an idea for a baffle from Julie Zickfoose's blog. I don't see how I could attach a baffle to this post, but if this family doesn't move in then I will talk my son into relocating it with a baffle.

I am torn. This is one of the posts for my garden fence and I can see it from my kitchen. I would love to be able to watch them. I don't want to watch them being eaten by my cats, though.

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