Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy as a Bee

I seem to be churning! One of the reasons for moving out here in the middle of nowhere was to lose the panicky, no place to stop mentality. It followed me here like a stray dog and unfortunately I let it in and fed it. I'll give you a taste!

Yesterday, after I finished my early morning farm chores, I made cake enough for 50 people for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. I had already done the spaghetti sauce for 50 Sunday. My children helped, but in saying that you know that young children can frequently make cooking take longer and create a bigger mess to clean. After that, my Mom showed up and wanted me to do her Easter dinner invitations. I did those and printed. I have just gotten a new web client, the local opera, and the artistic director and I had two phone conferences(one was in the afternoon) and one web interchange and I put the draft site up for testing so he could see it in Boston.

Remember, teaching my children has to take place sometime. We worked on math, history, and spelling and I sent them off to read and play outside.

After lunch we went over to my friend's homestead. She wanted to colonize some wild bees. She has been talking about it for a year, but today was the day she had everything ready. She had never worked with bees so asked me to help. People ask me to do this often, but I don't usually do wild bees (Unpredictable, at best). We had scouted this colony and they seemed calm enough. The bees were in a tire underneath a pile of salvaged wood. Julie had done the front work. She had removed all the wood leaving a piece of tin. We transferred the bees to a hive, found the queen and made sure she got settled. There was so much almost ready brood in the comb that I thought it prudent to leave some of the free form comb in the hive so we closed the hive with the original piece of tin. When Julie gets back from her energy class in North Carolina we will remove the old comb.

After the bees, I schooled and worked a few more hours. I made the programs for the banquet. Then we loaded the food and went to the Blue and Gold. I still had to boil the pasta, set the tables and get the awards organized. After the highly successful banquet, we had to clean the pots, load the dishwashers, and make sure there was no cake ground into the carpet.

I was tired, but still felt good. After a good night sleep, I am up and churning along this morning. Today is ballet day so school, work, and farm must be finished by afternoon. At least we have left over spaghetti for supper, so I can check that off. I really must learn to say NO! But to whom?

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