Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Orchard

I know that most people would expect an old homestead to have fruit trees, but alas, ours had only a fig tree and a small pecan orchard. We rectified the lack of fruit trees this weekend. We planted four O'Neal Blueberry bushes, four plum trees (2 Ozark Reds and 2 nameless, to me, pollinators), and eight Redhaven Peach trees. Next year we will add the apple and pear. I know the apple and pear take longer to fruit and that logically I should have planted them in the first year, but I love peaches. Love overruled logic.

We dug the holes with my super sturdy Maxim mini tiller(I work part-time for the company and they deserve a plug for the flexible hours. You can see more of my garden at their web site.) We were able to mix in peat and worm castings to lighten our heavy clay soil. The peat will also bring the PH up a bit. The blueberries are acid loving so I only mixed in worm castings and compost. Now comes the maintenance! And the wait! .... for peaches eaten right off the tree and for a delicious peach and blueberry free form tart with homemade ice cream!

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