Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fishing Cat

Yesterday, we had catcitement! My son was getting his fishing gear ready for this weekend. He is to go with a Boy Scout troop on a camporee. He left the pole out and one of the kittens ate the hook. Of course, once the cat was hooked, he ran under the house. Finally, he came out and ran under the car where we were able to lure him out.

I tried to get the hook out, but couldn't hold the cat and pry at the same time without getting scratched. My husband just happened to be home and together, along with a towel and needlenose pliers were able to get the hook out of the cat's mouth. OUCH!

These kittens have been the most trouble of any cats I have ever owned. The four of them were orphaned early and our family took them. We have warmed, fed, and provided shelter for five months. One was attacked by a possum and had a tear in his stomach, another got his face ripped on something, the yellow dog tries to eat one of them all through the day and night so we have to protect it, and finally this. These cats are trouble.


RedMolly said...

Poor kitty! But I have to admit... it was a very cute story.

Here's hoping those kittens develop a sense of self-preservation...

wisteria said...

I do hope they learn. Just rescued Navel from the yellow dog who was dragging him around by his head. The cat was not even resisting. Why? The other 5 cats don't let the dog mess with them. Why would this one cat tolerate all that dog slobber, scarred neck, and humiliation on a daily basis? Get on top the barbecue grill, a post, or the car for goodness sakes! Maybe I should model these behaviors so he could learn. What would the neighbors think?