Thursday, March 09, 2006


I finished my outside chores early today because it is supposed to storm most of the day. The wind is already blowing hard. While I was out, I went to the garden to make sure I didn't leave anything that would blow away and look what I found - asparagus! Don't look at the weeds. I only planted it last year so technically I shouldn't eat any. But, I may have to sneak one or two spears for an omelet or a small bunch for a lightly steamed and buttered lunch. This will be hard to resist.

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griffin said...

I am sooo jealous: due to a combination of the monsoon season (I'm in Oregon) and my crazy class schedule, I have yet to get out in my garden this year. I was going to get out there today, but woke to snow --SNOW! It almost never snows in this part of Oregon, but there it was, a winter wonderland. Oh well, maybe this weekend.
enjoy the asparagus!