Friday, March 17, 2006

Boycotting for Children's Rights!

I join bloggers in a boycott of Michael and Debi Pearl, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Homeschool Blogger because these people and publications directly support the methods of torture that caused loss of life to an innocent child.

I feel sick to my stomach thinking of the poor children who live in fear and the child who died. The rod only teaches bullying and fear, not respect and reasoning. Children should be nurtured, respected, and given boundaries and they will learn respect and love. I wouldn't even hit a cow or dog with a supply line, why would anyone recommend using one on a child. Wrapping a child in a blanket so he will fear for enough air to breathe seems even more cruel. Children deserve better.

If someone needs advice on discipline that does not include torture and supply lines. Buy the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson. Remember that discipline is training - training for life.

You can get more information on these blogs:

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