Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wish List

Susan at Chicken Spaghetti, who, by the way, is a native Mississippian, did a wish list post that I thought was so cool. I was honored that I made the list, but more over the list made me want to play. So, I thought I would do my own wish list without limiting myself to books. I find that the blogging community is so rich in resources and personalities that I frequently find myself green with envy or feeling lucky to be a part.

I wish for. . .
  • Zilla's freedom and energy in writing that allows her to say what others only dare to think.
  • Jove's gift for the logical argument
  • Becky's calm assuredness in schooling, farm, and life choices
  • Frankie's ability to bargain shop and not end up with a pile of junk
  • Doc's ability to find incongruity in arguments and bravery to expose it
  • Mother Crone's positive energy and contagious happiness
  • Mull-berry's ability to provide the perfect link or added bit of information that completes the picture.
  • Julie Zickefoose's energy and passion for life and her work
  • Meredith's calm spirit
  • Griffin's courage to make change for the greater good, even when it causes personal discomfort
  • Susan's good idea. So, I just took it!!!


zilla said...

I wish for your resolve always to take the ecologically sound approach to gardening and pest control, and your ability to maintain a schedule that, while busy, ultimately makes life easier for you and your family. Also, I still wish I had boots like yours :-)

Susan said...

Wisteria, what a great post! I keep eyeing (eying?) those "World in Ancient Times" books over at Amazon. I get so many good reading ideas from your blog and the others. Thank you!

Becky said...

wisteria, what a happy shock this morning to find myself on your wish list, especially for your kind words about my "calm assuredness". I'm honored and quite honestly feel like a bit of a fraud, because I'm not nearly as thorough and thoughtful, when it comes to sharing my thoughts, as you and so many of my other favorite bloggers.

mull-berry said...

wisteria said...

Mull-berry, How long did it take you to find that image? You are amazing. I am only telling the truth as I see it.

Becky, Give yourself some credit. I glean so much from your blog daily. You are certainly not a fraud.

Zilla, What size do you wear? I will send you the boots. According to the latest meme, you may be just the person to do with those boots, what they were designed to do. Get back with me.