Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We are trying to get everything ready for our Stratford trip. We leave tomorrow. I am madly washing clothes. Drying is difficult because it is cloudy and damp and the appliance dryer has not worked properly since our electrical disaster last month. The children are so in awe by the damp air and puddles(we haven't had rain in a month or more) that I am making little headway in clothes preparation since they keep falling in puddles (accidentally). I have. . .
  1. Finished Friday's payroll
  2. Exchanged some money, yesterday, when we were in the city
  3. gathered birth certificates for the children
  4. made arrangements for the yellow dog, cats, chickens, horse, and egg collection.
Now, all that is left to do is pack and leave. Of course, I have to wait for the clothes to dry.


Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful trip!

wisteria said...

Thanks! We have tickets for Henry IV (part 1), Twelfth Night, and Oliver!!

Why does your name keep switching back and forth? Is it another quirk of beta blogger? Or are you seeking anonymity?

Frankie said...

Oh, have a wonderful time!!! Looking forward to your post about it when you return.

Hoping for warm air and sunshine to come your way -- fast!

p.s. I am having fits with your comments and the name thing. It gives me options for my gmail accounts and won't remember my blogger account. Not even my password key software will keep this straight. Sheesh, I hope they get this fixed soon!

Susan said...

Have fun!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Enjoy the trip! It should be wonderful!

Becky said...

Fiddlesticks, I think I'm too late! Have a wonderful time -- what a great selection of shows!

We're having rain here too for the first time in over a month. While it's not good news for the barley which was swathed but not combined, it's great news for all the little trees, the alfalfa, and the garden, which were getting pretty desperate.

PS Welcome to Canada :)

mom2radata said...

Have a great time. I am jealous I haven't seen a play in a long time.

mull-berry said...

Have a great time!