Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Clothes I Know I Should Own Verus the Clothes I Like to Wear

I've been going through my wardrobe lately, culling clothes that are ugly, don't fit, don't make me feel great, and are in disrepair. I thought I might improve my image - you know, polish up a bit and become a role model for my daughter.

My plan included a very French approach to clothes purchasing. I wanted a few good well fitting pieces in basic colors so I could mix, match, and accessorize to change looks. This is part of my we don't need so much stuff, yet, love your stuff mentality. I have been looking for the perfect clothes for a month or so, but haven't found exactly what I want - comfort and adaptability and a polished look.

I went to this old country store to get cheap, yet stylish shoes for Princess on Friday. This place is an amazing piece of local culture and deserves a blog entry of its own so I won't give all the details. Anyway, in addition to having great shoes they have clothes - nice clothes and farm type clothes. As soon as I entered the clothes section, I saw a rack with casual clothes - khaki work pants, flannel jackets, and fleece vests - in beautiful Fall colors. They looked like me - the real me, the comfortable me. I passed the rack after longingly touching every piece and started looking at the dressier more socially thoughtful clothes. I scrutinized piece after piece. The children got bored. I bought Pink Panther's jeans and Princess's shoes. I scrutinized more. I kept thinking, where will I wear this? Is this fashionable? Will this fit the plan? But what I thought the most was I really want that nice flannel jacket and those heavy khaki pants.

So, I left all the nicer, "fit my plan" clothes on the rack and picked the comforting "fit my life" clothes in those nice fall colors. No, I can't wear a flannel/fleece jacket and khaki pants to all the places I need to go, but I just had to have something I wanted. Now, I still need those black pants and jacket. I will have to call my sisters who know how to shop and seek help. Though, I imagine they are tired of this hopeless cause.


griffin said...

A woman after my own heart: I have been having the exact same quandary! In my case I have the added complication of needing the close to support my cycling habit. SO I look at the stylish clothes, wondering if they will help me achieve a polished appearance --and perhaps attract a nice fella, I look at the sports gear that will, allegedly, insulate me from the elements while improving my "performance", and then cuddle up with the clothes that feel like home. Luckily for me there is SOME overlap: wool sweater are great in an Oregon winter

wisteria said...

I can imagine you would have a difficult time deciding since you get to go from bike to life and back again. I, only, go from farm to the outside world and back. I need a telephone booth and the ability to accomplish that quick change.