Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

Five years ago we were all shocked to find that we were not relatively safe in our home, the power house of international politics, the USA. We were probably not safe for years before, but we were secure in our conceit that no one would mess with us. There are thousands of cliches that tell us "pride comes before a fall," but when you are full of pride it is difficult to notice the looming disaster.

So many people have been added to the casualty list since the actual day five years ago, yet we have accomplished little in the way of finding solutions to the real problems. In fact, I am not even sure we know all the questions to ask that will lead us to the problem or the solution.

I so wanted to have a perfect post bursting with insight. But, even after five years, I am still full of questions.

Mourning is not enough.

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zilla said...

Proverbs 16:18, if I remember correctly -- one of my favorite quotes.

My dad always said, "Never stop asking why."

Thoughtful post, Wisteria.