Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apparently There is a Glitch in Beta Blogger

I am one of the bold who so quickly moved to the new and improved beta blogger. For a few days, I have been having much trouble posting comments. I get zapped to the Beta Blogger sign in which then takes me to the dashboard. This morning, I find out that those posting here are having the same frustrations. I'm sorry, Zilla.

Please leave your comments by using the other radio button, then you may use whatever name you want and link to yourself if you so choose.


Anonymous said...

That explains it!~ I left you a long post on my solution to the comfort vs fasion dilemma (Land's End and Eddie Bauer, in short), and it disappeared!

Angela, Mother Crone

wisteria said...

I left you an equally long response to your Fall post in which I essentially said, "I agree, Fall is the great!" and that I wished we had a better Fall here.