Monday, September 04, 2006

Day of Labor

I have been laboring and I must say that it feels good to purge. I may regret the purge once my things are transported to the Salvation Army tomorrow, but right now I am looking at a stark closet and feeling satisfied. I didn't donate the boots. I really thought I could this time, but I am obviously not ready to part with them.

I, with the help of the children, cleaned under the children's beds. ACK!! I was shocked and amazed at the junk. I vowed to not let another junky plastic floor flinger in the the house. Both children thanked me for "making" them purge and clean. Their drawers will close easily and they can find the toys they want.

I need to go further, but I am content for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Twice now I've gotten "unable to process your request" messages while trying to post comments here!


Anonymous said...

Make that thrice.

I wasn't ready for you to release the boots, either. The other stuff, I doubt you'll miss too terribly.

I washed the dog and cleaned the bathrooms.

Three cheers to those who celebrate work by working!


mull-berry said...

Sometimes less is more!