Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fast Dry

You just can't beat line dried clothes on days like this. Other than struggling to keep them on the line and not blowing about the farm, today is a perfect, fast dry day. A storm is blowing in and as a result all sheets will be dry in within minutes. In fact, I will take them off the line as soon as I am finished here and replace them with pink sheets and a few towels.

Great fresh smell, crisp sheets, and unbelievable energy savings. I'm glad I have a mechanical backup, but the clothesline is a painless way to move toward sustainability.


zilla said...

Mmmm. Love to bury my face in some line-dried sheets.

Miranda said...

The wind, damp cool fabrics taking the breeze like sails, the clean smell, satisfaction from the empty basket and full line....I had almost forgotten.