Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pranks and nonsense

My son moved to the next level in Scouts last night and I find that today he has moved to another level in pranks, which run rampant in my home. We have had a slooooow draining tub for a few days and I decided that the soap that went down the drain was not dissolving fast enough and that anything else that went down afterwards would certainly aggravate the problem. We live far enough out in the country that we are not connected to the town sewer so we have a septic tank. With a septic tank, you should try all methods other than chemicals to unclog so that you don't ruin the all important balance of bacteria in the septic tank. We don't do chemicals here, anyway. I took out our heavy duty plunger and plunged until nothing could possibly be left in the drain or pipes.

Ten minutes later, I summoned my 10 year old son to the shower so he could be less farmy when we took my daughter to ballet. He called from the bathroom that the faucets would not work and he could not take a shower. All I could think of was that I blew everything out when plunging. After a few minutes, I realized that he had turned off the supply to the tub. What a wonderful trick. After we laughed a few minutes, he showered and we were off to the city.


Natalie said...

HAHA! Too funny.

It was good to see you today. Thanks for retelling the bee-rehiving story. I think I've told it to three other people, it cracked me up.

So what'd you do today?
Oh, rehived the bees...

Just another day in the life of wisteria. S'no big deal.

wisteria said...

I enjoyed seeing you,too. I finally had to interrupt the rehearsal to get that little girl's phone number. Her ride was still not there at 4. Yikes!

My days are full in a happy kind of way. I enjoy having a farm space to do interesting projects (like beekeeping) and having enough privacy so that when something doesn't work out as expected, no one is there to laugh.