Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crossing the Bridge

Last night was my final Cub Scout pack meeting. We have this final meeting a bit earlier than most scouting groups so we will have good attendance. This is a baseball community. Anyway, we have this wonderful bridge ceremony, complete with two fire circles and a hand lashed bridge, in which the second year Webelos cross over to join the council circle of their chosen troop. We also let the younger ones cross the bridge to the next level.

When my son crossed the bridge to join the Boy Scout Troop, I was amazed how grown up he looked. He looked small standing next to the older Boy Scouts, but he stood there with poise. I could really see the passage of time, because examples of the process of development were standing all around. Tiny little Tiger Cubs (where my son started in this journey), Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and finally Boy Scouts of all levels (where he is heading). What is so scary is that days seemed to have passed in this journey, rather than years.

I have been a Den Leader for six years. My son has been a scout for five years. But, it doesn't seem possible that so much time has elapsed. Last night was my final Cub Scout meeting. I retired. Everyone was so sweet and I even got gifts!! The pack gave me a gift certificate for fruit trees and many of the individual boys brought gifts and cards. I realized just how many boys I had led, even though my intention was to make sure my son had the opportunity to be a Cub Scout. I didn't lead because of altruistic reasons, but apparently much good came from the years I dedicated to making Cub Scouting fun.

My Monday night calendar was clear for about five minutes. The Scout Master asked me to be on a Boy Scout committee. He said it would be only once a month. I have a problem saying no. Not so much because of my inability to say no, but because I have wanted to be a Boy Scout since I was eight or nine, when I would sneak through the woods to spy on this same troop. They always did much more interesting things than the Girl Scout Troop. What a funny turn of events.


Frankie said...

Ah, this one brought tears to my eyes. From one den leader to another, my hat's off to you.
From one mom to another, my hat's off to your son.

My son is a first-year Webelos and joined as a Tiger as well. I remember thinking when he was a Tiger how "big" those Webelos boys were. My Cub Master told me the other night that he is now counting on my boys to set the example for the younger crowd.

It just can't be. It goes way too fast.

Our cross over is in February! My son is anxious to join Boy Scouts. I was just thinking that I will need to find another hobby that "only takes one hour a week!" tee hee hee

wisteria said...

I have truly enjoyed by Scouting years. Some Mondays I would really struggle to find motivation to find an activity, gather appropriate materials, and get it all to Scouts, but as soon as I walked through the doors I was having a great time. I always left feeling great! I will miss that, but I can't see myself as a lifetime den leader.

You are right. That Scouting hour is the longest in the week.