Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mom to a princess

I got to spend a wonderful private weekend with my 6 year old daughter, the one who really should be my sister's child. She is a princess. She loves clothes and at six already has a great sense of style. I don't. She loves to shop. I don't. She loves doing her nails, brushing her hair, and bubble baths. I don't. She has a well developed social intelligence and can feel comfortable and be accepted in almost any social setting. I don't. She is so like my older sister that we joke that she was misplaced at birth. My sister has only boys.

Having a whole weekend of girls only time was priceless. We watched some movies, played dress up, danced (I taught her to waltz), and finished reading The Secret Garden. We ate coffee ice cream with strawberries.

She is a treasure. I am amazed that I get to watch her grow into this wonderful girl. I am scared, frequently, that I am not prepared to guide my little princess, since I am not so polished (Compared to the other ballet moms and my sisters, I am a disaster). Being a somewhat reclusive bookworm who prefers animals and books to most people, I don't feel qualified to teach her the things she wants to know. I don't know what clothes to get, how to be well placed socially, or anything about salon days. What if she doesn't get the opportunities she needs? She makes me want to be more social and all that it entails. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start.


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell a lie. I often parody the ballet moms we come in contact with. I have even given them nicknames. And I consider the fact that I don't quite "fit" in their circle a plus.

Much like social acuity, I believe quirkiness is bestowed by nature to a lucky, masterful few who tame it into an asset. No doubt, your daughter will benefit from her grace and your solid grounding!

Natalie~a social misfit also homeschooling a diva

Kixque said...

Wow...this post could have been written by me! My daughter will be 6 in June. I guess I feel that since she has such an obvious "knack" for these girly things that she will automatically be ok with learning/doing/understanding all those girly things I can't "teach" her.

Luckily, as girly as she is, she is also quite atheletic and we get to "bond" on the soccer and baseball field.

I am confident that your daughter will naturally "learn" all that she needs about being girly as well. As long as she has your support, you will both be fine!

Becky said...

Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start.

Yes you do -- with coffee ice cream and waltzing : )

Sounds like style, social intelligence, books, and animals would make a pretty nifty package by around age 18. A pinch of this, and pinch of that, and in about 12 years you'll both have learned more about each other and yourselves.

PS I don't really think you need anything more than you already have, but in a couple of years you might want to read through "The Care and Keeping of You" (from the American Girl folks, believe it or not) with your daughter. Some handy stuff, and nicely presented for young girls.

wisteria said...

To Natalie (who actually knows the ballet moms), for letting me know that I'm not the only one who doesn't fit with the ballet moms. I always wondered whether it was just me. My princess seems to admire them.
To Kixque, for reminding me all the princess needs is love and support.
And To Becky, for thinking I am not totally messing up.