Saturday, April 08, 2006

Let's Go Fly A Kite!!

Today, after the storms passed this morning, was a wonderful day to fly a kite. My friend from California sent my children these backpack kites. They have no rods so can be stuffed into a sack to fly when ever the mood strikes. We do much kite flying when we are at the beach (We have sharks, turtles, my dad has a Peter Pan type pirate ship and my Dad salvages any kites left by tourists), but these kites are fabulous for the car and for a day when the winds are not howling. The kids fly them if there is even a breeze. Today was perfect. I could just hear the "Let's go Fly a Kite" song from Mary Poppins singing in the breeze. So, The Yellow Dog, my son, my daughter, and I flew kites. We had the two backpack kites going at the same time - until disaster stuck. My son got his kite caught in a pecan tree. I cannot imagine why he would fly so close to those trees, but he did!

What would any self respecting "wannabe" redneck do if a kite gets stuck in a tree? Just blast a limb from the tree to free the kite. Should I be proud? I am having a difficult time believing the images I caught with my camera. Is this the same man who was a currency options trader on the floor of the CME just 10 years ago? Before the children, before the country, before the gun (O.K. he has always hunted but in a more genteel manner) he would never have attempted such a feat of aim. Today, it just seemed natural.

I am still laughing!! How better to spend such a wonderful, breezy day than flying a kite!


Theresa said...

Ok, that sure is a novel approach to getting a kite from a tree! I'm dying to know-Did it work?

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mull-berry said...

That great! I remember my dad using a gun to shoot mistletoe out of a tree along side a country road. I can't remember if we got any or not!

wisteria said...

My husband would love for me to say that the kite is down unharmed, but, alas, I cannot tell a lie. After six shots, I couldn't stand all the banging. So we called off the target practice.