Friday, April 21, 2006

Just One of Those Days

I had one of THOSE days, today. The only truly great thing was seeing Natalie at the pick-up/drop off for my daughter's ballet rehearsal. The day began early and went well until people start using the phone. Once the children got up and we began school, the phone rang twenty times - each time interrupting a sentence. I know, I know. Don't answer. But, it was my dad and mom and husband. You have to answer family even during school. Then my friend called because the bees we moved a month ago were swarming. She needed help so I dropped everything and went over in my black pj bottoms to rehive the bees. The bees were indeed freaking out and attacked my black pants. I know better than to wear black. I deserve every one of the twenty stings on my legs. Fortunately, I am somewhat immune to bee stings and I, at least, had enough sense to wear my bee bonnet.

After hiving the bees, I rushed home to change clothes and get ready to drive my daughter to ballet (1 1/4 hour). Even though I had resolved to wear makeup and decent clothes to be more presentable, I didn't dress and felt guilty. As we drove, the rain I have been dreaming of for weeks finally arrived in the form of strong thunderstorms. We drove right through the worst and were later than I would rather be for ballet.

When we got home, my husband and his friend, alias cutting horse trainer, were visiting on the back porch after having moved our calves back from his place. I stepped on a cat as I was going up the steps and Wha-bam took everyone(daughter, husband and me) down like a row of dominoes. But hey, I saved the Chinese food I had picked up. We all fell in the mud left by the driving rains I had driven through to get home.

A few minutes ago, I realized that I had not changed the clothes from washer to dryer and the clean sheets I so wanted to lie on were still in the washer and would not be dry for at least 40 minutes.

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