Thursday, April 13, 2006

List is still too long

I've been trying to get control of my life. Even though I've tried these goal setting, home management ploys before without success, I have been working with Doc's goal system. I downloaded the sheets and printed the narrative the day of the original post. But it got lost under the mounds of paper in my office. Having the post in the Country Fair reminded me of my plan to give it a whirl. Her plan seems doable because it makes sense, doesn't have five hundred pages telling me how I've been getting it wrong, and I don't have to categorize myself (impossible). A few pages of reading and the plan is clear.

Usually, my first goal is to make it through the day without letting the proverbial ball drop. So the first thing I need to do is make new goals. I worked with that some and even after crossing off things that don't help me reach the few goals I've made, my to do list looks impossible. Herein lies the problem. I cannot say no.

We are going to Memphis to visit my husband's family for the Easter weekend. They called and asked me to make bread for the picnic for 20 people. I said yes (felt I had to pitch in), so tomorrow morning I will be up at the crack of dawn producing bread, so I can shlep it to Memphis. During this same time, I have to get clothes ready, find a place for the yellow dog, find someone to feed the other animals and check a first time heifer who has chosen this week to calf AND TEACH MY CHILDREN AND FULFILL WORK OBLIGATIONS. Why am I incapable of saying no?

Maybe I should start the goal setting, purging thing on Monday. I can hold on for the ride this weekend.


Frankie said...

I printed Doc's goal sheets and put them in my notebook. I don't know what it is about Doc, but she has taught me more about "real" homeschooling than any book. I am indebted to her.

Anyway, good luck with learning to say no. I'm getting much better at it and it is very liberating.

Have fun making the bread and doing all those things on your to-do list. Have a good weekend.

wisteria said...

Thanks! I am waiting for liberation.

Doc's advise and homeschooling hints are straight-forward, no nonsense, and honest. I, too, am indebted. And, if I finally get organized and goal oriented I will owe her even more.

Maurice said...

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