Thursday, April 13, 2006

A check mark!

I have finished a project! The opera site launched this week. What do you think? I am so excited that I can check one thing off the unending to do list!!

I have to chuckle. I am writing about checking things off the list, while all the time I am writing, I am procrastinating. I don't want to do the laundry, pack for the trip, clean the bathroom, kitchen, or the office. No matter how much I write, those tasks will not be done.


Susan said...

The opera site looks grand! Years ago I saw Eudora Welty at one of the Miss. Opera offerings. Her house in Jackson, now a museum, opens to the public soon, by the way.

wisteria said...

Thanks, Susan. My sisters live right around the corner from the Welty house and I have been watching the progress. Isn't it amazing that a women who believes herself ordinary could have such a memorable effect on so many people. A long time ago, before Chicago, before babies, and before marriage, I ran into (literally) Eudora Welty at New Stage. She was so gracious and genuine that our little group (5 long time friends and theatre freaks) talked of nothing except our meeting for weeks. I don't even remember what play we saw. That could be time (I was in high school) or it could be that her persona was so enthralling that everything else was erased. Living in the South, with all of its literary personalities and history, is something quite amazing.

Susan said...

Wisteria, after reading your post and remembering the Miss. Opera, I had to write a tiny bit on my blog about the opening of her house next weekend. That neighborhood, Belhaven, is one of my favorites in Jackson.

And, yes, I agree with you: amazing.